Media Skills Training for Educators

It is infinitely easier to incur a crisis than to solve it. This goes for education as well. Students threatening each other on social media, abuse of or by teachers, exam fraud: they may all lead to the wrong kind of media attention for your school, with tough, even insolent questions being asked.

STORM Training, experts in leadership in public speaking and presenting, and Wisse Kommunikatie, experts in crisis communication, have joined hands to create a top-notch media skills training for educators, suitable for your boardroom or communication department.

Our media skills training for educators combines the secrets of persuasive speaking with tips and best practices for handling crisis situations. Starting from a concrete case, you will receive camera training with elaborate feedback, as well as training in dealing with so-called “asshole journalism”, a relatively new strain of journalism aimed at shaming or embarrassing its subjects. The right message, sent with conviction and at the right time; that is both goal and effect of this training.

Our media skills training for educators is aimed at managers, spokespersons and communication departments in both secondary and higher education wanting to prepare for a mediagenic crisis effectively and wanting to see it through convincingly. It provides answers to the questions What to say?, When to say it?, and, very importantly, Who should do the talking?

In an interactive session of one day (longer if desired), you will learn to respond to the media and the public in a coherent, open and convincing manner. After the training, your crisis communication will be calmer, more deliberate, and more convincing. In short: more effective.




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