Overcoming Speaking Anxiety

You regularly feel very nervous, uneasy or insecure before a presentation, a meeting or a public-speaking occasion. You tend to avoid these events, thus passing up on precious opportunities.

Our training Overcoming Speaking Anxiety has been specially developed for people with speaking anxiety who would like to speak with more calm and confidence.

You will receive tips, tools and stress-reduction techniques from NLP and coaching that will help you control and further reduce your speaking anxiety after the training as well.

What do you need to be able to speak more freely in front of a group? Together, we will look for the answer to that question, in a confidential, relaxed and even fun atmosphere.

There is no need to provide all the specifics of your speaking anxiety or its source, nor do we need to dig up your past.

Training Content:

In a special program, tailored to your specific needs, we will look for a style that suits you, makes you feel at ease, and allows you to gradually become more confident about speaking before an audience.

Having completed Overcoming Speaking Anxiety, you will already feel increased control over your speaking anxiety and you will know how to continue applying the techniques you have learned for a lasting result.

Format: individual coaching, tailormade program.
Entry Requirements: participants cannot currently be under treatment with anyone working in the mental health complex and should be completely clean of psychotropics (psychiatric drugs). STORM/Vic Diederen does not carry any liability for any mental damages or consequential (mental or other) damages (supposedly) resulting from this training.
Preparation: bring at least one 10-15 minute presentation/story/speech of choice.
Duration: 2 x 3 hours by appointment.
Location: In-company or on any location in Belgium or The Netherlands (surcharge).
Price: On request. Call #31 (0)85-4011475 for a good offer.

Note that, for reasons of confidentiality, Overcoming Speaking Anxiety is always billed to employers as a standard “presentation-skills (refresher) training”.

Call #31 (0)85-4011475 for more information and an offer or have us call you: just leave your number on the contact form below.