Persuasive Presenting

From Presentation to Inspiration

Would you like to present with more conviction? Perhaps you sometimes sense resistance, a bit of boredom in the room, and you often get difficult questions after your presentations.

In that case, it may be time to work on your presentation style with an extra focus on both verbal and non-verbal leadership. During our training Persuasive Presenting, we work on your non-verbal behavior, your use of language and on creating and sharing an encompassing vision, a story.

Persuasive Presenting is about learning to present, speak, motivate and convince like a leader, departing from a clear vision: on your job, your organization, your product and your target group. A number of tough, sometimes confronting sessions will help you stand out from the crowd, instead of drown in everyone else’s noise.

After this training, you will notice that resistance has fallen, your authority has grown and your story receives the time, space and response it deserves. In short: we take you from presentation to inspiration in little over a day and a half!

An optional follow-up session of (half) a day is meant to consolidate your progress and offer you personal tips for the future.

Training Format 

The training Persuasive Presenting has a modular structure, where you pick the modules relevant to you and your business. To be able to ensure full satisfaction, we strongly advise following all 3 modules offered below.

For a solid refresher training, we advise you minimally to follow module 1 & 2. For a short refresher workshop, following either module 1 (theory & practice combined) or module 2  (practice mainly) may suffice.

Training Features

Training content

After the training Persuasive Presenting your presentations will be more deliberate, more inspiring and more convincing. In short: more effective.

Practical information

Trainer: Drs. Vic Diederen, MA, founder of STORM.

Participant: maximum of 4.

Preparation: bring at least one business or work-related presentation of about 15-20 minutes.

Duration: 12-15 hours, depending on modules chosen. Ook per module af te nemen (zie boven).

Locatie: In-company or in any location of choice in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands or the UK (surcharge).

Price: On request.

More about this training? Call #31 (0)85-4011475. Or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page, and we will call you.

STORM also offers a training Presenting in English for non-natives. The focus of this training is part leadership, part linguistics.